Thursday, January 07, 2010

Ernest is learning lots at the moment. He is now clapping his hands and even saying "Da-da-da!" which I think means Daddy but I'd be very surprised. Here is a video of Da-da trying to get Ernie to clap. Something he does all the time, but never in front of a camera it seems. Hope you enjoy it, especially the bit when he scares the living daylights out of me with a particularly loud scream!


This evening I decided that I'd better put some thought in to presents for next Christmas. I told Daddy that I have a hundred bears, maybe even a zillion, but I would like some more. A squeaky one would be nice, a bit like Ernie' 'Squeaky Bear' but just for me.

Mummy and Daddy have been wondering what I would call this new bear, as none of my others have proper names. I don't know what they're talking about. I have Soft Bear, Honey Bear, Vanilla Bear, Press Bear, Special Bear, Soldier Bear, Cheeky Bear, Quiet Bear, Flat Bear (aka Pizza Bear), Silk Bear, two Christmas Bears as well as a few Mummy and Daddy Bears. All very sensible names I'm sure you'll agree.

The most important bear is of course Soft Bear (pictured). He goes everywhere with me, and so gets lost the most. He has gone missing in a hospital toilet, at a scarecrow festival, inside a high chair and at various houses we've visited. Luckily he bounces back, each time stinkier than ever. Whatever bear Father Christmas brings me this year will never replace him.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Well it's been a while since I last wrote. Daddy (who helps me) says he's been quite tired recently and I think that may be something to do with Ernest. Yes, my new baby brother Ernest! He's certainly caused quite a stir around here. Just eight months old yet it feels like he's been around much longer. Now I can be cheeky, but Ernie has now got a baby walker and is taking things to new levels. He hurtles around the floor bashing in to us all. Then he grabs books and tissues from the shelves. Today he even started dismantling the dishwasher, wrenching a whole shelf on to the floor and pushing it towards the other side of the kitchen. Not only that, but he's a bit of a gourmet. As you know, I am going to be a chef when I'm grown-up (as well as a gardener and a vet), but Ernie is already eating food with lumps in, and enjoys trying strawberries and lumpy foods that Mummy cooks for him.

Mummy and Daddy think Ernie is funny because he falls asleep in their arms, something I never did. What is funny though is that he doesn't stay asleep for long. Now I can read I sometimes stay up late looking at my books, but I still sleep more than Ernest. He gave Mummy her worst birthday ever by staying up all night! Luckily I cheered her up by giving her my card with a butterfly on. That's the other thing I love doing now - drawing pictures. I'm quite versatile. I have pictures of Tom & Jerry, minibeasts, people and The Earth in my portfolio.

Anyway, must go as I'm just easing myself back in to things, and will try to be back with more very soon. Byeeeee xxxx

Monday, September 01, 2008


Hi All, as it's been a while since my last post (no, not the Birthday one!) I thought I'd better place modesty to one side and tell you about some of my more notable achievements...

Counting to 20 (well nearly, the teens are still tricky)
I know the alphabet
A member of Owls (the classroom where big boys go)
Dry at Night (with a little help from the Magic Handbag Fairy)
Hopping (two hops in a row at the last count)
The best juicer this side of Bacton (Jason Vale would be proud, I can do everything apart from move the chair between the juicer and the blender!). Particular favourite is The Ultimate Smoothy.
Sports - where do I begin? I can run, jump, hop, forward-roll and do strange poses on all fours. I can also play cricket, golf, football and fly kites!!
Jigsaws are getting easier.
Hide and Seek (though I have a habit of announcing my wherabouts as soon as you walk in the room. Plus my hiding places leave a lot to be desired)
I Spy (succesfully did five clues the other night)

Well, there you go. Nothing too funny to report today, but I know you like to know what I'm up to. Love to you all, Herbert xxx

Hello Herbert Fans, it's been 3 months since I last wrote to you, but it was inevitable that a great event like my birthday would not go unmentioned. Also, Auntie Mary said she'd hit Daddy and make his eyes water if I didn't. Since his creative juices are still flowing, let the BLOG commence...

I was very lucky to have two birthdays; a true one on August 12 and an official one a few days later when I had my big party. Some say that this was to coincide with Soft Bear's birthday, but I cannot confrim or deny it. However, it is true that Soft Bear has been a big part of my life since I was tiny. His familiar squealy noise is often to be heard around the house, and his adventures are legendary - notably the times he got left in the BMI hospital toilet and at the Haughley Scarecrow Festival. May I use this moment to thank him for always being slightly stinky and matted.

One of the highlights of my birthday was making the cake (above) with Mummy. I helped by mixing it in a bowl and adding some lovely pink colouring to the sponge mixture. I'd had my heart set on a racing track cake so it was a dream come true!!

-Herbert Quote-Herbert Quote-Herbert Quote-Herbert Quote-Herbert Quote-Herbert Quote-

*PRARP* "That'll keep the big bad wolf away*

And finally a big "Thank You" to everyone that came to my party and gave me presents!

Monday, May 05, 2008

This weekend was a bank holiday so the Schillers went to Leeds to visit the Arions. I was very excited as I have only met these foreigners from the land of Yorkshire once before. First I met Auntie Helen who was very kind, giving me lots of nice food and reading me stories. My great grandma was also there, and we immediately bonded, having both got poorly legs. She couldn't here me very well, so I thought it best to place my face an inch from hers and shout as loud as possible.

Next came a visit to Harrogate with Daddy's cousin Steven and his wife Debbie. In the park, we saw a band playing and thought they were very good, even though they were from Norfolk (brrr!!!). I was my usual shy retiring self and proceeded to join a man and his little boy in a game of football. I also saw some big boys doing forward-rolls down some slopes, so immediately copied them with hilarious results. Then came the blue ice cream It was bubble gum flavour and I had to give it a go, managing to get almost completely covered in the stuff, The best bit was the next evening when I did a blue poo in the toilet! I phoned Nana up to tell her all about it. Daddy almost took a photo, but thought better of it. Just imagine the ice cream from the picture above smaller, rounder and more smelly.

The next day Mummy and Daddy took me to the tropical house in Roudhay Park. There were lots of butterflies, some terrapins and quite a few big funny fish. The shot above is of me contemplating the scene before me. I could quite see myself as an explorer! When we got back to the house everyone came for lunch. This meant that Clive, Lisa, Oliva and Sasha were also there. The girls were lovely and read me stories and let me sit next to them. Auntie Helen's food was delicious and cousin Clive was very silly. A good time was had by all - it was sad to say goodbye.

Finally, today we went to see some Maypole and Morris dancing. I have decided to be a morris dancer, having volunteered myself by joining in with bells and hankies. I also helped Daddy with some weeding and got upset after pulling up a flower.

Love to you all, Herbert xxx

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Well Hello there Herbert fans! I have just realised it has been months since my last BLOG. I amnow a proper big boy as you can see from the pictures. We visited Uncle Jared and Auntie Rebecca at the weekend. I rode on a real London bus and we visited a farm. Jared helped me make rice crispy cakes and Rebecca cooked a delicious chicken dinner without the use of an oven. I also visited Nana & Papa, Jane & David and went to a real party where there were tortoises and fish. This was the second party in a week, having rather disgraced myself at a christening by grabbing the cake and eating some icing.

Today I was very upset that Daddy was at work, but managed to get over it by going bowling with various family members. You will be pleased but perhaps not surprised that I was the winner!! It was very exciting - I had a special chute to send the ball down. I also have a new baby that I look after. He has a dummy that stops him crying and his name is Herbie too.

Best quotes:

"I want to bang a drum - very hard"
"Let's go home and have a nice hot drink"

Other facts:

I can now count to ten
My favourite programmes include Storymakers, Mister Maker, Big Cook Little Cook, Moomins and Old Bear Stories
My favourite books include Bert (still), Old Bear, Paddington, Green Eggs & Ham
I like painting, cooking, Play-Doh, splashing in puddles, and enjoyed playing in the Easter snow!!

Well, that's enough for now. I will try to post more regularly with funny stories about my antics.

Love, Herbert xxx

PS Looking forward to seeing Sabba & Rosie soon, and then Granny & Grandad a bit later...

Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Mummy! Just a note to say what a brilliant day I've had. I really enjoyed helping to open your presents, and although I thought it was my birthday for a bit, I remained calm and very willing. We then went to Thetford Forest and had a bike ride. I rode in a sort of Ninky Nonk carriage behind Daddy's bike. It was very bumpy. Unfortunately he got a bit tired and Mummy had to help. I am quite heavy now! After a lunch of pizza we went on the Nature Trail. I climbed, hid, creeped about and splashed in lots of puddles. The only nature we saw was a small dog, but I did go on a really long rope slide which made up for the lack of fauna (lots of flora on my sandwiches). Then we went to see Nana and Papa Wagga, finding our way easily now that Mummy has a sat nav machine to help her! To round off a great day Liz and Chris from next door came over and everyone talked loudly and laughed a lot while drinking a juice called 'wine' - even Daddy had some. I was left to my own devices for a bit but enjoyed some time to myself watching Night Garden under my new Brum duvet. Then I went to bed and wrecked my fairy lights.

Love, Herbie xxx

PS Sorry about the picture. Forgot camera today but this was taken at Thetford Forest a while back so it does count a bit [Dad]

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dear Herbert Fans one and all, Herbert's Daddy-Doo here! Herb is in bed so I thought I'd update things for a change. It has been a very exciting week for us, as our crazy little man has moved in to his new bedroom. It was all a big surprise (possibly too much of a surprise), and I caught the moment on camera when his little face gazed wonderingly at his brand new room. Naturally, his excitement peaked when various new cars and buses were spotted, which he proceeded to play with until way past bedtime. Since then Bertie has gradually gotten used to his new abode, choosing to sleep on his car rug for an afternoon nap today. Hopefully pictures will follow.

And in other news, Herbert made a birthday cake for a monkey all by himself and with no prompting. A mixed-media interpretation of a cake anyway, created using the classic combination of Play-Doh and Stickle Bricks. He even sang 'Happy Birthday' to the grateful chimp! Another moment of excitement came when a pheasant was spotted on the patio. Not quite up to the goat shenanigans of 2005, but still a great photo opportunity!

Bye for now, Adam/Daddy/Lurchio

PS A big Thank You to Waggaman for all his help turning Herbert's room from reality to dream!

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